Waiting On The Sky To Fall

Joe Biden can’t fix the American Right Wing as they are broken beyond repair. They are very much akin to the news media these days. They are really like brothers in arms. The right wing screams for Joe Biden to save them from the Covid_19 pandemic as they also refuse vaccines and refuse to wear masks indoors in public and all the press does is follow behind them parroting their talking points and propping them up. Making them feel good like the weak little pathetic 1930’s gangster boss movie character sidekick that they all are.

“What can I do for you today, Boss?”

As far as the press goes it’s pretty much always been this way in my lifetime. Whenever a Democrat is in the White House all they do is relay to the public how they think that the sky is falling in. It seems the only sources reporters have today are loony right wing nuts who hate Liberals and are angry about everything and the press cannot wait to tell the world just how angry they really are.

“How angry are they?!”


You dont even need to ask as they are each more than willing to tell you just how angry Conservatives are and they do so on an hourly basis. These are 24/7 media outlets which are all owned by white male billionaires who don’t want to pay their taxes who have also hired mostly white male journalists and broadcasters who are almost all millionaires who also don’t want to pay their taxes and together they have solely designed the news today to simply act as a delivery device for White Republican Rage. They’re uber eats for QAnon lunacy. They will get Republican anger to your door in less than fifteen minutes or your money back. There isn’t a single reporter for any of these media groups who has reported the truth about Republicans and what I call “The 5 P’s.”

Purposely, Prolonging The Pandemic for Political Purposes.

Big money Republicans and the Republican Politicans who are always in their pockets are bankrolling this heinus act of domestic, political terrorism and homicidal germ warfare against the citizens of their own country and they have white middle class nutty GOPer voters in their full control and they are moving right along using the risk of their own health as a political football while also putting the health of the rest of us in danger too. The Republican party and the American Right Wing can end the Covid 19 pandemic in America anytime they want to by getting vaccinated and wearing a mask and by stopping Puposely Prolonging The Pandemic for Political Purposes.

It’s really just that simple. The rest of us; we’re not waiting for Joe Biden to fix it, he’s vaccinated and wears a mask. As do we. We are all still waiting on Right Wingers who are the only reason we’re in this mess to begin with and still not at the end of it yet to fix it. It’s a problem they caused. The sky isn’t falling but Republicans and the press are the only ones trying to make it fall and are the only ones who will be responisble for it falling if it does.


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